Saturday, September 26, 2009

Because you may have missed this comment....

Here's what Prairie Dweller had to say about the getting-more-folks-riding piece. The piece, if you recall, is about making riding feel safer and more appropriate for women. I have to tell you that because the comment comes from nowhere but Prairie Dweller's need to tell us just who he is:

"I'm an older guy and I commute on a 650cc dual sport motorcycle. It's inexpensive, fast, rugged, reliable, and runs on pocket change. It moves through city traffic like a greased weasel through a drain pipe. Pavement is a convenience, not a necessity. It sits tall in the saddle so you see eye to eye with the SUV drivers. It has a hoot factor no bicycle can match and no scientist can measure. Everybody should get one. 65+ mpg through your front yard.

Bicycles are speed bumps. The older you get, the meaner you get. Just one of the pleasures of aging. AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Or so he says. The downside of reading this guy's comment is having to read it at all. The upside is that he's riding a motorcycle, not driving an SUV. Another upside is that we'll probably never meet him. The blogger and all the readers of this blog are getting older. I can't imagine that many of us are proud of getting meaner.


resty said...

It seems that the only place where bicycles aren't speed bumps is in Copenhagen.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet anything that a guy who publicly takes pride in getting meaner with age is one lonely SOB.

cyclotourist said...

Plus he's bragging about a 650cc bike. That's not allowed until you get to the liter bike category! :-)

Here's a good motorcycle article on slate: