Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yes, I bought a 1970...

And here's the link to my piece in the latest CityBike about it.


Anonymous said...

Serendipity lives on...Suzanne & I are in Moab. Tomorrow we are on our way to see you, and the fine people at Zinn cycles. Will you be available for a face to face? I know the Zinn folks will, as there is considerable money to be exchanged. Anyway.

The serendipity part concerns the motorcycles ridden by many of our generation. The HD crowd. I am not a motorcycle person, but I do not understand the HD phenomenon. Hundred year old technology, [oh wait, I own a pen!], loud, and, well, slow.

Today, a guy of our generation rolled in to the motel we are staying at on an RT1200rt. Just after registering, he came out to clean the bike, thoroughly. He must be a very lonely person.

B. Wally

Earle said...

Much as you miss the bike, don't you also miss the machinists chest and the tools a lot?

Anonymous said...

In 1970, my big purchase was a 65cc Honda, soon to be followed by a 90cc Suzuki. Of course, I was only 16 at the time. I sure had some great times with those little, underpowered motorcycles though. Thanks to your article for making me think back.

It didn't stick, however. I never got another motorcycle, lack of money being the main reason, I suppose. But 1970 was also the year I got my first "road bike", the pedaling kind. A heavy, all-steel Raleigh... but it did have 10 speeds and drop bars. Now, that DID stick. I'm still riding a road bike almost daily today, so many years later.