Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Because you may not read cyclotourist's comment...

Here's a link to the Slate article about Born to Run - and a time when Bruce and the band's careers were swirling the drain....

Thanks, cyclotourist!

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philcycles said...

I worked for Columbia Records at the time of which cyclotourist writes and knew John Hammond. There was a profound sadness about Springsteen in the company at the time. He just hadn't lived up to what we all thought he could do.
The importance of the producer-and later manager-Jon Landau and engineer-and now president of Interscope (a tragic waste of talent)-Jimmy Iovine cannot be overstated. One of the great things about born To run is that it captures the E Street Band at full sail and that's entirely up to Iovine and Landau. Landau was a writer and Born To Run was the first record he produced but he did the producer's job: to create the conditions for the artist to make his best work. And it helped that Iovine was one of the best rock engineers in the business. May still be for all I know but he's been out of the studio for many years.
Great stuff that stands the test of time.
Phil Brown