Monday, September 28, 2009

Downturn? Where?

From VeloNews, about notable stuff they saw at the just-ended Interbike show in Las Vegas:

Oakley introduces a new “Elite” line of ultra-pricey eyewear and apparel, topped by the $4500 “C Six” sunglass machined from carbon fiber (a 96-hour construction process!).

Blogger's note: It's my feeling that 96 hours is not nearly enough to make proper sunglasses for ME. I want sunglasses for ME to be somewhat special, so that I will know and passersby will know just how worth it I am. Because I am worth it, and don't you forget it, hear....

PS I sorta hate that it's Oakley making these things. I love my Oakleys. Both my riding pair and my casual pair are a decade old and doing nicely, thank you. I live in Oakleys.

Some folks are losing their jobs, homes and heath care coverage; other folks, luckier folks, are buying $4500 shades.

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Anonymous said...

$4500 sun glasses...Can I get them in red? I dunno. I am always losing the damn things, or sitting on them. Maybe Geico will insure them.

B. Wally [now in Portland, Maine].