Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do you NOT believe everything you read in the papers?

You can believe this. From the Tucson Citizen, it's a description of the perils of cycling in "one of Bicycling Magazine's Best Cycling Cities in America," Tucson AZ.

Tamar and I lived there five years plus. We owned a home there and figured we were there for the foreseeable future. We loved the desert. Neither of us suffered from allergies; Tamar liked her job; we had friends there and a support network of local businesses we trusted.

We both got so scared there that Tamar only cycle-commuted and I quit riding entirely for months and months. We feel that the cycling community there is in some sort of denial. It's scary on a bike in Tucson.

This gal's right.

Here's her final sentence: "I felt safer biking through the clogged and manic streets of New York City, which I did often, than I did once biking one mile in Tucson to the nearby Blockbuster."

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Anonymous said...

I visited Tucson a few years back and pretty much decided there was little reason to bring a bike if there was a future visit. Too much of the American West is full of multi-lane, straight roads with traffic lights and morons in an incredible hurry to get to the next "Fourbucks" for a latte, all while texting or blabbing on a cell phone. How Tucson rates listing as bike friendly, etc. escapes me.