Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Still another study from NYC

This one says that when more of us ride and walk, each one of us peds/cyclists is safer. We've always suspected that was the case, but here's proof....well, statistical proof, a lesser form of truth.

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Khal said...

My County Engineer has said that he was taught to not put in marked crosswalks unless it was likely to be used by a lot of pedestrians. The rationale was that a perpetually empty crosswalk would "train" motorists to ignore its presence and therefore put the occasional ped at risk, while a well-worn crosswalk would "train" motorists to watch out for peds. I imagine the same argument can be made for bike lanes. I hope so, because we are building a bunch.

I would presume that somewhere there is a study that focuses on more than just correlation statistics to explain this "safety in numbers" hypothesis/theory.