Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Explain this to me. I'm baffled....

We have the internet in our cars. We have GPS in our cars. We have home entertainment centers in our cars. We have electronic keys we don't have to remove from our pockets or bags. We have rear view cameras and pedestrian radar and devices to keep us from rear-ending the car in front.

But we have nothing to stop guys like this one until after the horror.


Khal said...

We had a similar DWI case a week or two ago in Espanola. Drunk at high speed t-boned a motorcyclist, killing him.

"He's absolutely horrified and grief stricken,"....

Yeah, sure...

Jim Thurber said...

Several months after becoming a police officer I had the experience of removing a dead baby from a car, killed by a drunk driver. The driver was so intoxicated he didn't even know he'd been in an accident.

One tends to get rather prejudice after an incident like this - and I got pretty good at busting drunk drivers.

A drunk who hurts (or kills) somebody deserves mega jail time - life if a death is involved. At a minimum anyone caught driving drunk (DUI) should lose their car, spend six weeks in a military style "anti-drunk" camp (preferably in south Texas) and have their license suspended for three years (first time).

If caught driving on that suspended license they would spend the remainder of the three years in PRISON.

It would be pretty rough at first but hopefully Americans would QUIT driving like blithering idiots, drunk, distracted, and absolutely stupid.

Khal said...

Thanks, Officer Thurber.

Its just plain silly that we kill and injure so many people out on the roads through drunkenness and socially-encouraged ineptitude. Something has to change the lax standards we expect of drivers. If a logical argument won't work, then your notion of the judicial equivalent of a swift kick in the a** is an equally valid option.

We just started a DWI superblitz. My suggestion was we also need a distracted-driving superblitz.