Friday, May 21, 2010

Six mos in jail, a $500 fine and some probation. Oh, and community service...

It's not that this report from Lawrence KS is so unusual. It made me wonder how many newsy articles like this one will appear this year.

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James Thurber said...

If you want to commit murder - just go to Kansas. Toss premeditation into the mix and a firearm and you might be awarded a full year in jail and, gasp, a touch more community service.

After having removed a small child from a car, dead, killed by a drunk who was so inebriated that he didn't even KNOW he'd been in an accident . . . one tends to get a bit prejudice.

Drunk drivers: a) should be treated VERY, very severely (check out Norway's law); b) in the event of causing injury (or death) be charged with 1st degree assault / battery / attempted murder, or (in the case of death) simply murder.

A year (or two) of that and watch America's issue with drunk driving simply . . . disappear.