Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Evidently someone believes Floyd

....because the investigating is ongoing. From today's NY Times Online. As I understand it, if the team's athletes used US Postal Service money to pay for drugs, or if athletes lied to sponsors about their own cleanness, federal charges can be brought. Stand clear of the fan, folks....


Jim Thurber said...

Sorry, I don't (believe Floyd). The French have been incredibly diligent about keeping Cycling clean. The result was that Floyd got "busted."

Lance didn't. Why? The overwhelming evidence was that Lance was NOT using any performance enhancing . . . anything.

For all of us who stood by Mister Landis these last years, this is a major disappointment. If you get caught, for goodness sake, just admit it and move on. "Yup, you got me!"

And that will be the end of it. This deny, deny, deny sounds like something the CIA would have come up with.

Anonymous said...

I guess the mentality that believed Landis was innocent is the same one that believes Armstrong is clean despite the EPO tests from '99. Those were the same deal as the "for research only" tests done by MLB that eventually revealed to the public the widespread cheating in that so-called sport. I don't know how one can read "From Lance to Landis" and not think something's rotten here. There were just too many things fishy and now Landis has backed up most of Walsh' claims and added some more of his own. Now that the feds are involved it's hard not to see this turning up some stuff Mr. Armstrong would prefer to keep buried. It's sad the cancer crusade has blinded so many to the real character of Lance Armstrong, he was a jerk pre-cancer and briefly became a nice guy during cancer but quickly returned to even more of a jerk once he was cured. He's the poster-boy of what's wrong with pro-cycling.