Wednesday, May 26, 2010

His first commute

Andrew Kenney of the Johnston County (NC) Herald, wrote this about his first brave ride to work - on an old Univega his father rebuilt but warned him not to trust. This charming piece will remind you of the epiphanies you experienced on your initial outings awheel.

Next to last line: "In a car, a road is just a road, but on a bike, the world becomes a place to explore again."


James Thurber said...

Good write. I'm reminded of the multiple times I flew across the United States . . . perhaps a dozen times before I rode across on a 1986 Harley FXRD.

That's the first time I think I actually SAW the United States of America. Wow. It's an amazing place.

If only more Americans walked, biked or took public transportation to / from work, shopping, etc, we wouldn't be drilling for oil 5,000 feet under water and destroying entire oceans.

Khal said...

A good read is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. There is a very nice discussion of what you learn when you get out of that cage. For Phaedrus/Pirsig, liberation was found on a motorcycle. It could also be a bicycle or shoe leather. Having enjoyed all three, its refreshing.