Thursday, February 5, 2009

This must be Oklahoma....or is it?

Hi all!

I'm home and safe but tired after a one-day trip back, thanks to the time difference giving me a one hour longer day. I noticed on the way down, and I noticed on the way back, that passing through a 25-mile (give or take) slice of Oklahoma, the Panhandle I assume it's called:

There were no Welcome to Oklahoma or Leaving Oklahoma signs. There were no signs indicating speed limits or telling you where to pass that were shaped like a map of Oklahoma. There was only one town, Boise City, on the road as it passed north-south through the Panhandle. In contrast to Texas, where every sign refers proudly to Texas, you did not see the word Oklahoma even once. 

Not once. I thought it was strange on the way down so I tried to watch more carefully on the way back. I was right the first time. Have you ever experienced a thing like that? Is that weird?

Or what?

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Addison said...

They must figure that no one is going to spend enough in those twenty five miles or so to justify the expense of signage. Texas howeve knows you are going to be in the state for some time in most cases.
Coming into New Jersey on I-78 there are signs marking the event but no welcome centers, rest rooms or the wonderful free maps.They must figure everyone uses GPS units or online directions.