Thursday, February 26, 2009

For Mark Bulwinkle

Hi Mark and thanks for the comment!

I have replaced my tensioner lever and spring as you suggest. I'm glad yours did not create havoc in your engine. Your blog is super cool! 

If you are reading this and you are not Mark Bulwinkle, find his comment to my Annoying Banner post, click on his underlined name and find your way to his blog. Be sure to scroll down past the cool art he makes to see just where he lives. 

Thanks for reading my blog, Mark! And CityBike! 


Anonymous said...

Maynard, I guess you know about Arrowhead Sports. They are a good outfit and honest and very useful, especially if you own a KLR. Check out for the endless web site. Happy motoring! PS, nice column in City Bike. Thanks. MB

Kenny J. said...

Maynard, I just found your blog doing a Google search. I was thinking about you as I watched the Tour of Calif. last week. Would be nice to hear from you and chat about old times in Chico. Hope you and Tamar are doing well. Surprised to see you are now in Denver.
Kenny J.

Maynard said...

Kenny, the comments are "blind," meaning I don't see your email address. Write me a personal email at

Thanks! Maynard

richard said...

Maynard, I am writing to tell you that my KLR650 has stopped shifting . I have had the right engine cover off and can't get it to shift gears. May have to tear down the whole motor. Eeek. Not my idea of fun anymore. Any suggestions are welcome.Hope you are well. Put...put, put. Mark Bulwinkle

Mark Bulwinkle said...

Hey. I am not Richard. Mark Bulwinkle