Sunday, February 8, 2009

No more Bob Mionske legal columns....rats.

Bob Mionske has decided, he says, to stop writing regular columns about cyclists-and-the-law for VeloNews. Here's a link to his so-long piece. I've often posted links to his pieces and will miss him; I figure you will too. 

If you follow the link to his last column, don't miss the section on the Scofflaw Cyclist. Not that there's anything in there about anyone you know. I just thought you might find it provocative.

On reflection, I believe the Scofflaw Cyclist is an urban myth. No one is foolish enough to do the things those SCs are accused of doing. Riding brakeless bikes at night without lights? Nah...


philcycles said...

The Scofflaw Cyclist is the single biggest problem facing all cyclists. He gives motorists the rationale for declaring open season on anybody on a bicycle.
And there's nothing we can do about it.
Phil Brown

Khal said...

Bob is moving over to Bicycling Magazine. I'm happy with him at VN, but whatever. He mentions it on his blog.

As Phil says, the butthead/scofflaw cyclist is a real problem. I see that too.

Here is Bob Mionske's blog: