Saturday, February 7, 2009

Check it out!

If you care about old rock 'n' roll or Buddy Holly or Joe Ely or Lubbock, Texas, please do not miss the comment by Johnny Hughes to my Feb 1st post from the Mahon Public Library. Hughes, I feel awfully sure, is the real thing. Reading his comment (it's longer than my post) puts you back in West Texas in the '50s, watching Elvis sign autographs on good churchgoin' gals' untanned places.


Addison said...

Poor old Elvis, dropped into the land of plenty and still felt it was necessary to brag to people about it,instead of quietly smiling and carrying on. Perhaps he must have felt he still had something to prove. But then, what do I know, no one ever asked me to autograph anything more than a check.

Johnny Hughes, author of Texas Poker Wisdom, a novel said...

Thanks Maynard and Addison. You can imagine what that was like, given the fifties.

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