Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That annoying banner....

I heard from several of you about an ad banner that obscured the text of my recent post. I think (he said, hesitantly) that I have eliminated that banner. It did not obscure the post when I looked at my blog, but the damn ad was never readable in any case. I don't know what it advertised.

Google promised me I'd become rich from ad revenue on my blog site, but the sign-up-for-payoff instructions were as easy to follow as directions to the Lost Dutchman Mine. 

I'll try in the future to keep ads out of my site, perhaps with an upraised cross or clove of garlic. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for letting me know!


Anonymous said...

Maynard, the tensioner spring on your KLR will fail by 30,000 miles. This is true. When I crashed my Buell and broke 8 ribs and a scapula, I took the KLR apart as recommended and sure enough, the spring and various tensioner parts were in the sump. I don't know about the rest of the stuff you mentioned in your City Bike article, but the tensioner stuff is true. Fix it and use a hairpin spring and you will never have to fix this wonderful bike again. I use mine, happily, rain or shine, every day. First bike - 1964 YDS2. Oh, happy motoring to you and yours. MB

Out of the past said...

Nostalgia. So happy to see that you are living your dream. You are quite the prolific writer. Who knew? How about a nostalgic blog from you? Let's say December, '63, you on your Ducati riding in that Midwest winter weather from Indianapolis up to Chicago to see a friend you met in Tucson. Just wanted to put a smile on your face.