Thursday, February 26, 2009

Living the good life in Arizona

As many of you will know, Tamar and I moved to Colorado from Arizona after selling our house. We felt we escaped. Maybe we overreacted to the culturelessness we sensed there. Probably Arizona is no worse than many other Great States in this Great Land. Perhaps there is civilized life there after all. We didn't look everywhere. We were never in Yuma, for instance.

Here's a news item that seems oh-so Grand Canyon State. Left unmentioned in Arizona Tourist Brochures, here's a classy Mesa citizen at his sophisticated best. Oh, please read the comments and note the charming and surely intentional misspellings.

Coulda happened anywhere, right? Right. Could I resist taking the easy cheap shot? I could not.


coreyl said...

I think it's weird that the only adjectives in that story are "black" and "pump-action", describing the shotgun. What's journalism coming to these days?!

Anonymous said...

The comment I liked was "guns don't kill people. Stupid people with guns kill people."

And I guess those stoopid people kill motorcycle locks too. Go figure.

So is Colorado any better?

Larry Gottlob said...

Maynard, I've been reading your stuff since the mid '80s. I remember your stories about riding with the Cal bicycle club, half-wheel hell, and getting sneered at by a cobalto-brake owner. I lived in LA back then, then spent 6 years in Phoenix in the early '90s. I live in Kentucky now. Believe me, there are proudly ignorant people everywhere.

Maynard said...

Commenter Larry Gottlub says:

"There are proudly ignorant people everywhere."

I wish I'd said that. Thanks for reading my stuff all these years, Larry.
your friend Maynard

cat said...

How is Arizona? Is it less populated where you live?

Up here in Missoula, we're getting too many people. I think it's time to move to the hi-line. More snow and fewer aggressively ignorant humans...