Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lance and Paul Kimmage

Paul Kimmage is a muck-raking British journalist and author who has pointed the editorial finger at European pro cycling for rampant doping. He has persistently claimed that Lance Armstrong doped as far back as his first Tour de France win in '99. 

Kimmage is among the large press contingent at the Amgen Tour of California, starting today. At a press conference featuring Armstrong and others, Kimmage blows it by addressing a question to Lance. 

As you will see, the camera does not look at Kimmage, so media-savvy Armstrong asks him to tell the audience his name, then....  Well, watch for yourself.

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Khal said...

O'Grady pegged it on his blog.

"I’m always suspicious of single-issue types, and while I respect Paul Kimmage for his anti-doping crusade, I wonder whether he hasn’t become something of an Ahab on the topic. I thought the cancer crack was particularly ill-advised. There are better ways to make the point, and a guy who makes his living with words should have found one..."