Saturday, February 28, 2009

Save $100,000 - buy the new smaller Roller!

Something about this NY Times piece charms me. Maybe it's the car; or maybe it's the way the folks who design and build it take each decision seriously - while seeming to take none of it seriously at all. The slide show is fun, especially if you're into "streamlined haunches," cough, cough.

Or if you have a six-car garage, and think of it as a wardrobe. A six-car garage and no old appliances in your front yard. Well, this is the new lighter-hearted, second Rolls. You might get away with one pink flamingo. Two, and you need not apply. 


beth h said...

I think it deserves to be called Baby Rolls, just to piss off the company execs. I wish I could be charmed but for some reason I just can't reach down deep enough to summon that emotion.

Reptile said...

Don't kid yourself this is simply an over the top trimmed BMW for the pretentiously opulessent.