Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's not about cycling and it's not about motorcycling. So sue me....

They NY Times does an ongoing series of interviews/slideshows with owners of unusual cars. This one features a woman from NY state and the 1973 VW Ghia she bought new and has cherished since.

I'd suggest watching the audio slideshow. Gotta love the car. Gotta like the gal.


beth h said...

Omigod! I'm not much for driving cars but certain makes and models DO bring back memories.

One of my father's voice students drove a bright red rag-top Ghia to his weekly lesson at our house. I was fourteen and would sometimes be asked to come into the studio to quietly accompany a vocal jazz student on my drumkit with brushes, while my father tapped out cool jazz chords at the piano. Sometimes my sister would come down and play a walking bass line on her electric bass, too.

Tony, a sweet boy of 19, really liked having a live drummer for his lesson, and sometimes would offer to take me and my older sister out for ice cream after his lesson. In the Ghia. With the top down. Other kids would stare enviously as we pulled into the Baskin-Robbins with the cute college boy in tow. We were bored-in-the-summer teenagers and loved the attention. And oh! what a FUN car that was.

Thanks for the reminder.

VC Slim said...

My 1st car was 1973 Super Beetle w/ a 3 speed semi auto (no push starts which turned out to be a bummer on more than one occasion). '73 was the best year for bugs as nerf bumpers came along in '74 then it was fuel injection for the frugal shortly thereafter. Ghia were and still are pretty cool cars.