Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This fine piece is rated Sad

Charles Pelkey, one of my old VeloNews editors and soon to be a lawyer, is The Explainer in VN this last couple of years. He does a great job; I've posted links to several of his pieces here on my blog page.

This piece is about the guy (and the folks left behind by the guy) who was hit and killed by the Nat'l Guard recruiter in Virginia.

It's a great piece but it will for sure make you sad. Here's the link. Click carefully.

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Anonymous said...

I read the piece yesterday. What an amazing thing it is to be the victim of a senseless and avoidable accident. And then become aware of the illogical consequences of killing another human being.

You know the header you read before your movie rental starts? You can spend 5 years in a federal prison, and pay a fine of $250K if you illegally copy that rental movie.

I'm not sad about this. I'm angry. I'm scared. [It is a wrong time wrong place totally out of your hands event].

B. Wally

There has to be consequences.