Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ballplayer Doug Glanville on Mark McGwire

If there are pro road cyclists who don't dope, here's how they must feel. From the NY Times.


Jim said...

What's wrong with steroids? They're one of the few drugs that actually do something. Perhaps we should remove ALL doping laws / rules / concepts and watch just how BIG an athlete can get.

Sasquatch will have nuttin' on professional athletes anymore. 500 pounds of pure, sleeve ripping muscle. Hitting baseballs nearly a mile. And think about Rugby and Football? It'll be just like Roman Times and gladiators. Heads will roll (literally).

And just think how much money steroid companies can make? More jobs for Americans.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim. Many of 'us' have pondered the opening of a new classification in any sport, not unlike the drag race equivalent of Top Fuel Unlimited.

Or something like that.

And it is refreshing to see that some people think that some drugs do something.

But we have to think of the children. Yes, the little ones who are not able to put off the instant gratification that is the hallmark of our society.

As most of the little ones are game-boy types, muscular thumbs might not be so appealing later in life when their little minds turn to thoughts of the opposite sex. "I can see what you been spending your time on."

Or something like that.

B. Wally

Big Mikey said...

Great story. Thanks for finding/sharing the link.

I always enjoy your perspective on everything from cycling to life in general.