Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dr. Thompson sentenced. Fine VeloNews overview

As most of us know, Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson was sentenced to five years in jail for his felony acts of hostility toward cyclists on Mandeville Canyon Road in southern California. Here is a really well done description of the day Thompson got the bad news.


James Thurber said...

Good, I'm tired of drivers being merely charged with "failure to yield" when they ram into / injure a bicycle rider.

Five years is a great start. No doubt the "Good Doctor" will appeal but I suspect that the trail didn't contain any legal errors, i.e. the appeal will go nowhere.

As far as excessive punishment -- try convincing the injured biker that the punishment is excessive!

cyclotourist said...

L.A. Times has a good article on it as well.

cyclotourist said...

I posted the LAT article w/out fully looking at the Velonews write up. Wow, the VN article is amazing!

Earle said...

I am at least as gratified by the lifetime revocation of Thompson's drivers license as I am by the time in prison. I hope other drivers get the message: Use your car as a weapon, and you will be kept from behind the wheel forever.