Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bad day: Zinn and Salinger

This week we lost Howard Zinn and J.D. Salinger, two guys who were giants in many of our lives. Here are two links from the NY Times, one about each man. If you hated Howard Zinn and couldn't read his stuff, skip the link. No one's trying to convert anyone here.

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Jim said...

Both Zinn and Salinger were monumental contributors to American culture and literacy. J.D. was 91 when he left us, Zinn in his 80's - sad to say goodbye but overall, not bad.

The influence of great writers such as Salinger on current contributors to American Literature cannot be overestimated.

Whenever I consider great writers I think of Michael Crichton and his college English professor who told him that " . . . because you really cannot write you should consider another line of work."

Michael took him seriously and went to medical school -- and in the middle of his medical training wrote "Andromeda Strain" Crichton's list of best sellers will not fit in this blog but they include Jurassic Park and Sphere, among countless others.

Time to dig "Catcher" out of my bookshelf and see what a great writer Salinger truly was.