Friday, January 8, 2010

Really, that's the honest-to-God title

Here's an online magazine piece offering instructions on How to Become a Bicycle Badass. Because I know that you've yearned for years to morph into just such a Badass, here's the link. I'd write a more extensive description of the article's contents but it'd just make me sad.


Jim said...

Excellent article, including some other connections to the (wonderful) Asylum On-Line Magazine.

Trying to maintain a good public image, I sent my Fixie to my son who lives in Miami -- a perfect locale for a Fixie (with no hills!).

I also continue to TRY and stay out of the way of automobiles despite also being a Bad-Ass bike rider!

Anonymous said...

Didn't know Lance Armstrong's favorite bike company was so heavily involved in selling bikes to jerks like these. Just one more reason to never buy another Trek.

Jim said...

Trek's are OK except for the wheels. Bontrager? I've broken several of them . . . and I'm not THAT heavy (about 200 lbs, fully dressed out). The frames are OK and most of the running gear is acceptable. But, for my money, I'll have Peter White build my wheels.