Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If you love motorcycling and bicycling, here's a rare crossover point

This is an update note to fans of super motorcycle racing site from Ben Spies, current World Superbike Champion and now a new Yamaha rider at the highest level, in MotoGP. What's he doing in the off-season? Take a look!


Anonymous said...

A lot of MotoGP guys ride bicycles to train, some are required to. Keeps the weight down, the handling sharp, the fitness right there. No Barry Sheenes in the modern game.

Larry and Heather said...

"Back in the day" as the say, I ran and cycled all the time during my short AMA Pro Superbike career. Back then it was pretty rare, a whole lot of the guys smoked the cancer sticks of the series sponsor! My idea was motorcycle racing was as much or more mental than physical -- I wanted the best blood flow/support system for my feeble brain to help me go as fast as possible. It'll be fun to see Ben Spies debut season with the big boyz like Rossi and Stoner. Here in Italy where we'll be for the next seven months, everything Valentino Rossi does is on TV or in the newspaper.