Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't call Sunday midday...

...because MotoGP is on TV!

MotoGP is the highest level of motorcycle road racing. I did not watch any motorcycle racing for years until alerted to the addictive fun of MotoGP by my friend Jim Widner in Bisbee, Arizona. Now, Tamar and I pay for an extra cable TV package so we never have to miss a race.

You could say that MotoGP is the Formula One of two-wheeled motor sport, but that would be selling MotoGP short. For whatever reasons, Formula One is fascinating to knowledgeable enthusiasts - and MotoGP is just fascinating. It's fun and human and accessible.

The season is 18 races long. It began in Qatar in the Middle East, with a first-ever night race (imagine lighting a 2 1/2 mile road course) a couple of weeks ago. It continues on Sunday with the best-attended event of the season in Jerez, Spain - 150,000 crazed fans in the stands or wherever there's a place to sit or stand.

Please, even if you're a staunchly unpowered two-wheeler, catch a MotoGP broadcast on Speed TV. Be sure to watch the interviews post-race with the guys who made the podium. Experience Valentino Rossi and Nickie Hayden and the other stars as they share their often from-the-hip comments.

The MotoGP from Jerez airs at one in the afternoon on Sunday. I haven't yet turned off my phone for one of these race broadcasts...but it could happen...


jmewkill said...

There is a really cool videocast on iTunes that has the weekend summary of each MotoGP. Awesome stuff.

Mindy said...

My husband and I got rid of our tv a few years back but missed watching MotoGP. I got a subscription to that year so we could keep up with the action. We love it. Got to watch free practice 2 this morning in Jerez. Also get lots of interviews with the riders. The screen size is small compared to tv, but no commercials! Now I just need to find a way to watch the TdF online.

best regards,