Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We pause for a moment of whining

It's 6.9 degrees in Denver at 9 this morning but it'll be 11 later, according to Weather Underground. There is a 100% chance of snow, maybe only four inches of it. There's plenty of snow already on the ground and on the roadsides, snow and ice and ugly brown slush.

Luckily, Tamar and I are escaping to San Antonio and Austin on Friday, staying with our friend Corey in San Antone. We intend to visit Austin, walk the River Walk in SA, attend a concert and visit an authentic TX dance hall in Gruene (Green). Perhaps we will forgo the wearing of fuzzy ear covering or boots-made-for-traction. Back Tuesday.

So...if you don't see new posts for a few days, no need to worry. We're in good hands in Texas!

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Anonymous said...

Liked your article on going to look at a Guzzi to Boise in MCL in the UK. If the bike stood up to that abuse and you both came out of it OK, maybe you should keep the KLR.