Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas eve morning - and white, white, white

Sure enough, we'll have a proper Christmas here in Denver. Tamar and I are both sick with colds or sinus stuffages but we're surviving.

By the way, December here in central Denver is not nearly so difficult as it was in Mall Country. You don't sense the heightened craziness that you expect around the holidays. It isn't bucolic but it's not much worse than the eleven other months.

We'd like to wish you Happy Holidays and a champion New Year. Our holidays will be delightful if we can taper off the meds and stop coughing and waking one another in the night.

For unfathomable reasons, my interest in riding my bicycle has been at a low ebb. I follow the sport and cultural aspects of cycling same as always, but I've not been riding much.

Tamar and I went to Boulder last weekend and bought me a pair of running shoes at a cool running store. First pair of such shoes since the '70s, I'm sure. I've "run" a couple of times, walking and trotting really, trying to stay in reasonable shape. I hope the yen for pedaling returns with the springtime sun.

I have to think that the last paragraph is a year-end confession. Because I've ridden so few times in November and December, I feel inauthentic when I write about cycling. Perhaps I need to visit the Madonna del Ghisallo shrine and say 10 Hail Faustos. Kidding aside, I do feel a bit guilty.

Have a safe holiday season and a fine new year. Thanks for reading my blog over the months. I wish all of us good riding and good health this year and next!


philcycles said...

Rather than 10 Hail Faustos you should consult The Holy Text, otherwise known as The CONI Manual, which, as I remember, always suggested a year end rest followed by plenty of fixed gear miles for the New Year.-
Merry Christmas.
Phil Brown

addison said...

Or maybe climb on your Al Kreitler time machine rollers.........time tends to stand still on exercise bikes and even rollers,does for me at least.
In any event, thanks for a fun year and have a good holiday season........from a New Jersey under twenty ( for real) inches of the white stuff.

Larry and Heather said...

Ciao Maynard, winter in the city can drain your cycling interest but what the heck, it IS winter after all. Seems you've already made steps to (watch out for ice) keep some fitness for when the sun does shine and it's great to be outside on a bicycle. And of course you're always welcome to come with us to Italy where we'll give you a chance to visit Madonna del Ghisallo and say those "Hail Fausto's" for everlasting cycling joy -- pretty much works for us!