Thursday, December 17, 2009

Run 26mi? Race across America? Hey, do something sketchy....

Twenty-two year old woman from Ohio, never a jock, will row single-handed across the...wait for it...Atlantic Ocean! Here's the NY Times piece....

Just to be a crotchety old guy, I will say that each time someone raises the bar in these activities, it becomes less satisfying to do the hard but humanly possible thing: Ride a century, run a marathon or pedal the Continental Divide Trail. People train and run marathons to help them quit smoking.

Not that long ago we were in awe of marathoners. Now, thousands turn out and perhaps finish with an empty feeling.

"Well, I did it, but I'm no Forrest Gump. That dude was a real runner...."


Anonymous said...

I'll invite you to consider another perspective.

I got into more challenging bicycling activities as a way to counter the psychological effcets of living with a chronic, as-yet incurable disease.

Every time I pour myself into my late-model used team kit and swing a leg over my bike I am sticking my tongue out at Crohn's and riding for those who cannot.

So cheers to the lady who wants to row across the ocean. It's that desire to challenge ourselves that gives us drive to do all sorts of things, both little and great.

Happy riding! --BH

Anonymous said...

If she really were to row "single handed," wouldn't she just go in circles?
Sorry, couldn't resist the old joke ;-)

Maynard said...

Maybe that's not the right expression. Maybe solo is the word of choice. I'm typing two-handed but I think I'm going around in circles myself.