Friday, December 18, 2009

Bike wheel stores energy while you're braking....

Here's the link - to While you're there, check out the Gary Fisher (is skunk works the correct term?) one-off single speed, belt drive 'cross bike. Fancy fake lugs and one gear, correct twice a day like a broken watch.

Were we demanding a single speed 'cross bike? Belt drive? Were we clamoring for faux lugs? Whose questions does this bike answer? That said, it has fender eyelets and might be fun around town and on running trails in urban parks.

Would it cost $1,000? I'll bet it would. Would it be $800 better than a 1980 Fuji or Miyata? You decide....


David S said...

No kidding? Faux lugs? Wow, the aesthetic equivalent to the clip on tie.

I enjoy riding around on my fixed gear bike. Sometimes even more than my road bike. Especially this time of year. I enjoy the simple, essential, not to mention fun, experience.

And I appreciate innovation. Someone hauling off and doing something wacky just because it's what's on their mind. Who knows where it might lead, if anywhere.

But faux lugs?

That's weird.

Earle said...

Jeez, Maynard, did you really have to pay $200 for your vintage one-speed? You've been away from the shops too long. My '82 Moto Mirage was free, and my '69 Gitane TdF was $100, but that included shipping and a really nice frame.