Saturday, December 5, 2009

From James Raia's post: Five minutes with Lance and Campbell Brown

I can't imagine why you wouldn't watch this. Much of it is about what it's like to be THAT famous and THAT suspected of abuse of drugs. Cool interview with (in my view) a cool guy.


Anonymous said...

The Teflon Texan is like OJ, you know he got away with it but as yet he's unconvicted, so nothing can be done against him. Boohoo, he has to drop his pants and pee for the tests. In the photo it looks as though he could have gotten away with the scheme used by Pollentier years ago, a bulb of clean urine under the arm and a tube down to the sample cup -- the observers aren't exactly watching him fill the cup. I guess it should be no surprise he's good friends with the tennis player who took dope (who at least eventually admitted it to more than Frankie Andreu and a few others) and the golfer who cheats on his wife. By the way, whatever happened to BigTex' girlfriend and the kid they (seemingly accidently) had together? Isn't this the same fellow who retired from pro cycling a few years ago to spend more tme with his kids? Everything about this guy is phony. I'll try hard not to purchase ANY product used or endorsed by this guy, no matter how many bike races he wins.

David S said...

Kick ass Lance. Kick everyone's ass.