Sunday, December 6, 2009

First it was book censorship, then music, then....

Tamar and I got to talking about book censorship. She works in a library, y'know, so she has to think about someone's exerting control over what someone else reads. From there, we went to music censorship or labeling, like movie labeling, and from there it was a short jump to Tipper Gore.

How'd she get that name, Tamar asked. I Googled Tipper Gore and found that Mary Elizabeth Gore's nickname came from a lullaby sung in an old movie - a movie from before Tipper was born. As I looked at the page, I saw that Tipper takes photos and has earned a living doing so. I clicked on the link to her own photo site.

I was impressed by her photos and found this one under Travel.

I hope you click around on Tipper's site and enjoy the shots. Before I end this post, though, have you seen capes like the ones in the photograph? I have seen "aprons" for motorscooters like the ones in the shot, but I cannot recall bicycle capes that extended forward over the hands, perhaps even over a handlebar bag.... Maybe I've seen hundreds and forgotten; write me if you suspect that I'm having a senior moment.

Aha! Thanks to Mike Smith at Liberty Bicycles in gorgeous Asheville, NC, here's the answer to my question.


Anonymous said...

Old school is new again, I guess.

Mike Smith
Liberty Bicycles
Asheville, NC

Anonymous said...

Hi Maynard,
I had a cape like those when I was managing the Bicycle Center in Santa Cruz In the mid 1970s. I thin Roger Sands imported them from the U K. I had forgotten all about it until I saw the photo.
Lighthouse Cycles