Sunday, December 16, 2007

Desmosedici sold out!

I'd provide a link to Ducati's press release but the three-word title of this post tells the story. The Desmosedici, an ultra-special, single-seat, MotoGP replica totally dedicated to speed, is sold out. Fifteen hundred will be built. All are pre-sold.

Some will be ridden. None will be ridden much. None will be ridden for transport. Many will be stored by guys expecting appreciation. Some will be owned but not ridden by guys who cannot stop themselves from buying cool shit that no one else at Microsoft or Google owns.

I figure, knowing what little I do about the high-end Ducati customer demographic, that none will be owned by guys with fewer than four motorcycles, one or two of which will be Harleys.

One of the Harleys will have never seen a Harley assembly line. Custom. Three years old now, it'll have a thousand miles on it, maybe. It will never have been dirty. It will be the highest-mileage motorcycle in his garage.

A new Ducati Desmosedici, which you cannot buy, is priced (not that it matters) at 60,000 Euros. Each Euro represents a dollar-forty-four American this afternoon, says MSN Money.

One of our political parties looks after guys who've placed deposits on Ducati Desmosedicis. That party tells us earnestly that if we tax those guys, our economy will suffer; job growth will slow; boutique businesses and the artisans who cater to those guys will go bust, and the future of this great nation will at risk. A promise unfulfilled. Scary, huh?

You vote as you see fit. I think those Desmosedici guys can take care of themselves without any help from the likes of me. I don't think they'd want me worrying about them anyway.

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