Monday, December 31, 2007

David Brinton's cycling drawings

When I was a regular contributor to VeloNews, I was fortunate to share my page with the cartoons of David Brinton aka Brintoni, so known because of his Italophile tastes. Brintoni is a great guy and a lifetime bike rider. If he never put pen to paper, he'd be a real friend and ride buddy, a simpatico soul.

But he does put pen to paper, and when he does...

We shared a page 18 or 20 times a year. We never, no kidding, discussed my pieces before he made his drawings. He unerringly found the pulse-beat in the piece (that's as melodramatic as I intend to get, I promise) and drew that beat - the epicenter of the piece.

I'm sure many readers opened the magazine at the back to read my piece - after a lingering, wide-eyed look at the Brintoni cartoon. At least I hope they read the piece...

Here's a link to Brintoni's personal web site. Feast your eyes on the work of my friend and pagemate for years, the wonderful David Brinton:


Tejvan Pettinger said...

Thanks for link to Brintoni site, I like the drawings.

By the way, it sounds an interesting race - 11 mile hill climb!

Nick Sakes said...

I feel kind of strange contacting you this way, but I couldn't find an email address.
I used to be your nephew back in the 60's. Nick ("Nicky") Sakes.

I still remember our motorcycle ride through the mountains that nearly gave my mom a heartattack!

Here's one for you: I also race bicycles! I've been reading your stuff here and there for years.

Please email, if you want to:


PS- Didn't you used to have a pet raccoon in your motorcycle shop?

Sandy said...

David Brinton is 1/4 Sicilian Italian so Brintoni has a real meaning.

Sandy Brinton, David's mother