Tuesday, December 11, 2007

David Darlington's Bicycle Magazine horrorshow piece

David Darlington is a fine writer and a longtime cyclist. He sent me this piece a few months ago, just for my impressions. I was unable to read it, and I told him so. He said it was for Bicycling Magazine but I was skeptical: Would a general interest bike mag print such a pessimistic look at road riding? Bicycling has published his piece. Here's the link. Read at your own risk.


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Brendan Leonard said...

You know what, Will gave me the issue that article was in, and I got about halfway through it. It's nice to finish it. I thought it was odd that Bicycling would publish it, too, but I'm glad they did.

I'll tell you what, cycling on rural highways scares the shit out of me. Cycling on city streets in Denver, not as much. Of all the close calls and wrecks I've had, I don't think any of them came close to getting hit by an SUV at 50 mph from behind with no warning.