Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You probably think...

I'll bet you think - because I haven't posted a personal update for what seems like years - that very little is happening in my life. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Here's a list, pared to the bare essentials so it'd fit on the Internet:

1. I'm riding my bicycle. Four days now. I ride maybe three miles to the REI Flagship Store at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. I enjoy a Grande coffee and perhaps a Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin. I gaze across the water and think profound, writerly thoughts. 

Yes, I'm riding, but oh am I weak and scared. Everything on the bike path that moves is a threat. I have not yet stood up to pedal and I have to use bottom gear to climb the ramp from the bike path up to the surface street. Luckily, the Olympics are four years away.

2. I have stepped out of the shower without sitting on the side of the tub and lifting my legs over. No kidding, stepped right out. Ten weeks and a day since I crashed. We athletes are fast healers, huh? 

3. I'm riding my motorcycle. I have to sorta climb onto and off of the seat, but once aboard I can ride and ride - slowly and tentatively. I have to come to stops carefully so that I can support the bike and me with my good foot. Watch me and you'd conclude that I've been riding for two or three weeks. Hey, gotta start somewhere...

4. I'm doing exercises to increase the range of motion in my left middle and ring fingers. Progress is so slow as to be almost unmeasurable at my occupational therapist's office. Femurs heal fast; fingers (on the other hand) do not. Was that "other hand" bit a cheap attempt at humor, or what?

5. The MotoGP season is over as of Sunday. Valentino Rossi is world champion again - as he certainly should be. Living in the age of Rossi if you are a motorcycle road racing fan is like living in the age of Eddy Merckx if you're a cycling nut. You are watching the best who ever lived. I missed the Merckx era but I'm no-way missing Rossi's career. 

6. I see my orthopedic surgeon early in November. I expect that he will free me from my crutch and I will be able to figure-skate every bit as well as I could before the crash. 

Maybe that's all the news. Pretty riveting stuff, huh? Check this site often for further exciting developments as your blogger resumes his life of passion, creativity, athleticism and afternoon naps. 


beth h said...

You're RIDING again! Yippee!

..::applause and whistles from the gallery::..

Fantastic! Take your time and enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

Writerly thought. Like a Movable Feast?

Khal said...

Good show getting back on the bike.

I recall when I broke a collarbone pretty badly back in 1990 in a training wreck, I was weak, out of shape, and scared witless when I first got back on the bike. Took a while to build up my upper body again as well as my nerve. Keep it simple, and keep plugging!

best regards,

sda said...

awesome Maynard. glad to see you are riding again. congrats!!