Thursday, October 16, 2008

Harshness explained: "just a joke..."

I've just heard from cyclotourist, who writes that the Angriest Pharmacist blogger has chided us for our misreading of his post (check out yesterday's link). It was "just a joke," the A.P. tells us, and suggests that we "get a sense of humor."

Cyclotourist did not find the A.P.'s post funny. Nor did I. Did you? I didn't think you would.

There must be a problem, huh? I don't think the problem is with cyclotourist's sense of humor. And mine works all right, I'd say.

The problem must lie elsewhere. Is there a pharmacist in the house?

You know, I gotta say: I've written stuff that just didn't come off, didn't work. I thought that any reader would take away from it just the feeling I intended when I wrote it. And many, many did not. Later I'd be baffled. How could folks misunderstand so thoroughly? 

So I'm going to try to cut the Angriest Pharmacist some slack here, not that he cares. If you will, cyclotourist, check in with the A.P. now and then and let us know: Whose perception lapsed here? Thanks!


Jon said...

Every bully on the playground has, at one point or another, told the teacher that he was just joking around and his victim should "get a sense of humor". It's the classic denial of intent.

And, it's always crap.

S. Courtright said...

I will politely decline to check in with the AP, thank you.

Even if he was joking, he must have contemplated feeling that angry about cyclists, and if he could even contemplate feeling that irrationally, hysterically angry, then there is no real difference between pretending and being that angry. I read that piece carefully and have no doubt, that is one irrational, misguided person.

cyclotourist said...

As much as I would like to check in on him, he's blocked me from his site via my IP address. My guess is s/he is blocking anyone who leaves a comment that doesn't agree with her/his world view. The A.P. needs to refill his meds...

Peace Nique said...

I browsed through his site and for the most part his blogs seemed to be about the same tone as what he wrote for his cyclist rant. It seems that his blogging is his excuse to rant and he doesn't really care what anyone thinks unless you agree with him. (as demonstrated by his blocking of cyclotourist)

I decided to write him off as another kook in internet land and not comment or visit his site again.

cyclotourist said...

Yes, in hindsight, he's just trying to ramp up his site hits to get $$$ from the web-ads. Hmmmm, I wonder if they know about the "kill a cyclist" comments...?

RIHans said...

Hey Maynard,
After reading these clowns (cyclotourist)comments, and I've been a reader in print and online for a while, I gotta call bullshite.

I think this guy has a chip on the shoulder, so be it. Go away, take your pals, too.

I enjoy your take on cycling, get well soon.

Amy said...

Hi Doll,

It does appear that he has just blocked anyone who attempts to access his site via the link in your previous post. (When I clicked on it, I got the "blocked" message too.)

You can always try to access via web proxy, such as He doesn't have those blocked (yet).