Thursday, October 2, 2008

A note from my friend Donald

Here's the note:

Hi Maynard
You've probably already seen this, if not go here and click on the upper left box marked "Austin, Tx".  Don't close it when the credits start to roll, wait till the video stops.


Anonymous said...

I watched the vid with amazement. My first reaction was envy. I wish I could ride a fixie like that. My second reaction was to notice and condemn the riders who weren't wearing helmets. For shame!

But wait, I thought. Wearing a helmet is for people who don't take chances. You know, people like me who will never have a YouTube moment. Wussies who can always find the danger in any moment. Pathetic losers who will never wear a yellow jersey.

Or, to put it another way. Did I just miss killing that guy on a bike because he ran a red light?

A while back, some kids were arrested after they posted a video of their crime sprees, staring themselves.

Living vicariously has become the new reality. Way too hip for me.

TWilkins said...

When I see stuff like this, I'm shocked. Cycling is dangerous enough without pulling stunts in traffic like that, and there is already so much prejudice in the part of drivers toward us cyclists just because we happen to be on their roads. Stuff like this this video doesn't do anything to raise awareness or promote the sport I love.

Somebody must think those guys are cool, but I'm sorry, that's not for me.

Maynard said...

I'm with you, Wilkins...