Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not that you'll notice a difference...

I have cast off the chains of a slow, cranky computer. This is my first post written on my new, much faster PC. Tamar urged me to step up for a Mac, but certain aspects of making the change did not appeal.

And, I have a friend/computer tech who lives a block away; he sets up programs on your computer so he can clean it up and keep it healthy from his own desk. Great guy.

He helped me choose a new CPU and transfer my files to it. So far, so very good.

David Garbs is his name, and GruntPC is the company name:

Those of you who read this because you like me (and generally agree with me) will be pleased to hear that I am making steady if unspectacular progress. I can walk around the house with ONE crutch! I no longer have to take an anti-coagulation pill each day; I'm mobile enough now so that blood will not pool in my legs and form clots, which may then rise to my lungs and hurt me.

I have acquired a Blackburn fluid trainer and installed my Rivendell bicycle on it. I'm riding it every day. I can't tell you how satisfying it is simply to pedal again. To reach out and grab the bars and drop your back down closer to the top tube. To begin to sweat in the sun that warms our patio, nine floors from the street.

I don't yet dream of riding down there, actually on that street, but the movements, the action of riding... wonderful.

My friend Brian and I have been following the comeback to road racing of 44 year-old Raul Alcala of Mexico, a star on the old 7-Eleven team. Sadly, Alcala fell yesterday on a descent and finished the stage (and his race) in a team car. Keep trying, Raul!

Back briefly to my recovery: My left middle finger, dislocated in the crash, is still swollen and not the lovely graceful digit it was. Sigh. I have now seen a hand surgeon, who told me that it is not damaged, only swollen and stiff, and it should respond to therapy. I'm seeing an occupational therapist who has given me a daily regimen of exercises.

I can grab a handlebar easily, but substitute a pencil and I cannot close my fist tightly enough to hold it.

I'll try to write further posts soon...on my whiz-bang new computer! Wheeeeee....


Jon said...

I like you, but often disafree with you. Can I still be happy for your progress?

beth h said...

Here's hoping you progress from one crutch to a cane very soon. And be a good boy at physical therapy --take it from one who knows, it hurts but it works.

Don W said...

Hey Maynard,

Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you continue to make good progress. I'm grateful you were not more injured then you were. From one of your earlier posts, you mentioned that the VA helped out. I'm glad it was there for you. I hope you are able to take a spin sometime this fall/winter on one of the warmer and dryer days in Denver.

Don W
The "How does a three speed hub work" guy. Since I couldn't convince you to move to Minneapolis a couple of years ago, I decided to move to Denver this past spring! (Long story)

Bebopper said...

Just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago. Sorry about the accident but glad to hear that you're on the mend. Tamar is right, you know, about getting a Mac.