Friday, August 8, 2008

Road rage and cyclist rage in Portland

Here's a link to a Newsweek piece about problems in one of the bike-friendliest cities in the US. I found the link in a Bob Mionske piece in VeloNews. Mionske's articles about the legal aspects of cycling are always well presented - but they are too often sobering. I'd suggest you read them each week as they are presented on VN Online, but you should consider the sad truth - the news is often bad.

The question posed by the writer at the end of the Newsweek article is provocative: If Portland is such a safe city for cyclists, if the number of injured cyclists has not increased despite major increases in the numbers of riders, why all the problems?

I'm sorry I've neglected my blog. I wrote a couple of pieces for publication and was otherwise preoccupied. Thanks as always for reading...

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Khal said...

The concluding line in the Newsweek article sez it all:

"As a society, you can flip someone off very easily...but we have no hand signal that says 'I'm sorry.' "

--Rick Adams, Portland, OR