Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bad dudes; cute puppies and kitties

Here, from today's NY Times, is a piece about a buncha badass guys you would not invite to dinner - and their organized soft-heartedness toward at-risk pets. Please watch the slide show.

I'm walking behind the walker, doing laps of our floor here in the building. I'm doing the exercises suggested by my physical therapist. I get a tiny bit more mobile each day. Thanks as always for your kind thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Keep walking. 90 percent of a patient's recovery is based on THEIR attitude and choices. After the walker comes . . . crutches. Crutches are awesome, especially when you encounter an angry dog. Dogs do NOT like crutches.

The only problem with being "crutched" is ordering coffee -- you've got no way to carry the cup from the counter to the table. Here's where having nice neighbors helps!

Keep charging ahead -- you'll get there.

Carl said...

I met you at City Bike in Cleveland many years ago. We talked about Lance and Greg, bikes and you made me comfortable. Now, let me return the favor. I too had a factured femur nearly 30 years ago. Yes, crutches will be your new leg for now. Crutches will keep you mobile and keep your spirits up. Someday, this will be just a bad memory. Remember, all of your fans, including me, are pulling for you.

Carl in Cleveland, OH