Friday, August 29, 2008

Bob Mionske's VN road rage overview

Here's a link to a well researched, well presented piece in today's VeloNews Online. Bob Mionske, VN's legal columnist, talks about motorists and other road users, about our perceptions of one another and the roots of road rage.

We all recognize this phenomenon and have vaguely shaped hunches about it. I believe that reading Mionske's piece will enlighten us and go some distance to explaining why....

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Khal said...

Sent this to Bob Mionske.

Good article. Although I've been on the receiving end of some non-lethal road rage incidents, the one that comes to mind was one day when I was driving home and had to jump out of my car and physically separate two other motorists who were trying to beat each other up after a series of tit for tat threatening maneuvers between their two vehicles escalated into physical mayhem.

I threatened them with the fact that I was the transportation commissioner. Little did they know that the position comes with absolutely no enforcement or other legal authority to break up fights. But they didn't figure that out. Lucky me. I was the smallest guy of the three.

Thanks for the article, and for citing Leon James, who I remember from my 14 years in Honolulu.