Sunday, August 31, 2008

Please watch this slide show

Here, in a presentation from today's NY Times, you see a slide show and hear a guy who has seen it all describing a thing he cannot believe he's seen: a long stretch of Park Avenue closed to motor traffic just one day a year - Park Avenue teeming with equally delighted cyclists, peds, wheelchairs, folks walking their pets, guys on stilts...

It'll warm your heart; I guarantee it. Tamar found this. She's tired from working and taking care of me. I'm tired from the effort involved in most any action. We both felt re-energized after watching this slide show.

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jthurber80 said...

What a great set of photos. Could the biking community start singing "I Love New York?"

Today San Francisco is doing the same thing on the Embarcadero -- closed to automobile traffic (at least on one side).

Let's hope this catches on in many, many places.