Monday, February 4, 2008

Not a retraction, exactly...

It has come to my attention that my post of last week, A Week Away from my Blog, is harsher in tone than I intended. It isn't that I misled readers or made statements that cannot be defended. I got caught up in my indignation, is what happened, and I hurt the feelings of good people.

I committed none of the above rudeness on purpose. I did not name names and I'm sure most of my readers had no idea at whom my anger was directed.

Nevertheless, the persons who were the targets knew they'd been targeted - and for that I am sorry.

Please do not read into this apology a new willingness on my part to forgive the misappropriation of cycling's old days by folks with products to sell.

If I'd learned all I knew about Mercedes-Benz history in M-B brochures and M-B authorized histories and in magazines featuring lavish M-B ads, I would not consider myself an expert on those lovely automobiles.

I'm sincerely sorry for my untempered anger in that post. Please talk another look at it. I've rewritten it after due reflection.


Laughing at myself said...

Now why on earth does one have to apologize for a simple tounge-in-cheek post. Seems to me the ones who need to apologize are the ones easily offended and easy to incite. If you can't laugh at yourself, laugh at me.

C'mon folks, the very concept of a blog is that you get to write your ideas and opinions.

Maynard, my suggestion would be to turn off your comment option and do what you do so well - write.

Maynard said...

Dear laughing at myself,

Thank You, Thank you, thankyou.

Brian said...

Maynard, you rock!!!

It is cold as hell here as you know and the only way that I get through it is to ride my GT MB connected to my new trainer, located in the spare bedroom. It helps to get my frustrations out.

I dont think you had anything to apologize for either.