Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Man...and his (new) Motorcycle

Here are a few views of my new Triumph, shot outside our posh digs on exclusive Capitol Hill in Denver. The snow on the grass has been there for weeks, as has the ice in the drive leading in and out of our underground garage - making entrance and egress an adventure in Scaryland.

This is your blogger, wearing his City Cycle (San Francisco) sweatshirt and his Oakleys, without both of which he can walk the streets in any city in the industrialized world - pretty much unrecognized.

The sweet Honda GB500 you see pictured elsewhere on my blog has found a caring new home with my old friend Jim in Bisbee, Arizona. Still in the family, you might say.


Mark Manson said...

Ahhh...the pure Britishness of a Thruxton. Ride the hell out of it.

Johnnieraz said...

Ah, Maynard old buddy, I found you! What? No email contact address? I'll forgive you. I want you to check out my memoirs of how I got started in cycling. I think you'll enjoy it. Drop me a line at

And next time you're in Eugene, give me a holler. We'll ride.

John Rezell