Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Guardian blogger's commute got longer...and longer

So he asked his readers for suggestions on how to make his 10-miles-each-way commute more fun... And the comments/answers? Brilliant! They're not (most of them) about fun. They're about... well, take a look. Read the blog and click on the comments.

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Jim Thurber said...

The comments are awesome. But riding in the rain, assuming you don't do it ALL the time, is a great change from the ordinary.

A good set of waterproofs (Shower's Pass is the best I've found), some great lights (Lupine or Exposure), along with good reflective gear and fenders make rain riding pretty simple.

Riding in the dark can be awesome. Brilliant flashing red lights from DiNotte or Exposure keep the rats off your tail and a good front unit lights up your life.