Saturday, September 18, 2010

Latest Bicycle Paper piece

Riding with a local non-racing bicycle club, I've learned that many of the club members have acquired few cycling skills and little understanding of how to operate their (often quite expensive) bicycles. So I wrote this for the Bicycle Paper and after asking permission, offered it to our local advocacy group, BikeDenver, and to the club, Denver Bicycle Touring Club - for free.

BikeDenver will use the piece on their web site and in their newsletter, I'm told. Denver Bicycle Touring Club has not responded to my three emails, not entirely a surprise.

Hope you enjoy the piece. It's about how to use bicycle gears. It's not intended for beginners, but for regular riders who've never figured it out.

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Larry and Heather said...

Great piece Maynard! Sadly the folks who most need it are those "instant experts" who'll pay no attention. What happened to the days when folks joined the club in order to LEARN how to ride properly and get instruction from the experienced folks? These days if you try to suggest things like this you're treated as some sort of cranky old geezer. Back-in-the-day those cranky old geezers whacked us on the back to remind us to flatten 'em out, or smacked us on the inside of the elbow to remind us to bend our arms - while at the same time shoving us up to the front of the group so we wouldn't get dropped on the climb! Clubs like these are very rare today, we're sad to write.