Saturday, September 4, 2010

As the Sept 12th Old Farts Ride approaches...

The ride hosts and coordinators are John and Tena G, of Danville California. The ride is an annual event. I've missed at least a decade of them, living as I have in Arizona and now Colorado. Here's a note Tena sent today to the OFR listers. I'm putting it up on my blog page to give you an idea of the bonds that existed then and still exist now among old bike riders. FYI: I know some of these folks and don't know others. Most raced in the Bay Area and/or nationally in the '60s and '70s.

Sept 4th, 2010

Everyone asks if Bob Tetzlaff and David Brink are coming. I called and talked to Bob Tetzlaff and David Brink this morning. Bob will be here and David is 90% sure but he drives a double trailer truck for Fed Ex. He and his driving partner had just been in PA and were in Texas when I talked to him this AM.
Mike Cone is coming from Hawaii, Ken Spears is coming from Anchorage, Jon (Schneider) Longcore and Allan Tinkham from Albuquerque, Tony McMillan from British Columbia, Maynard Hershon from Denver, Bruce Schatmeir from Portland, Bill Tout and Karl Schneck from Ashland, OR and many locals!!! Ed Kinney just moved back from Virginia and will be coming. George Dyer from Montana too.
So far, we have 84 yes's. And I just sent another email to the no's to reconsider and to the people who have not responded at all yet. If there is someone you'd like to see, please let me know their name and I can forward you their contact information and let you know if they are coming or not.
Some of you were "probably" coming so I hope that this helps persuade you to come. See you next Sunday.

Tena G


Anonymous said...

L. Zinn knew I was going to Hawaii last year and asked if I knew Mike Cone, who lives in Hawaii. He makes, well this is better...

B. Wally

See you soon.

Earle said...

Funny to see Tony McMillan coming...I met him in Quesntl, BC, some years after I worked at Velo-Sport. He was teaching school and I worked for the local newspaper, but somehow we got talking about bikes, and whaddya know, we had been in the same places with different people at different times.