Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grewal astounds again!

Posted by John Wilcockson of VeloNews in CO or perhaps Las Vegas at midnight last night, 50 year-old Alexi Grewal, badboy bike racer and prophet, is taking up where he left off decades ago. I had just heard from the guys at Turin Bike Shop that he'd ridden a mountain bike in an arduous paved-and-dirt-road race in the mountains (Crooked Roubaix) on flat pedals and hiking boots - and finished well. I think this might be for real. Honestly, I hope it is....

Thanks, John G, for the heads-up! Allez, Alexi!!


James Thurber said...

What's fun is when a 50 year old BEATS the trousers off a 22 year old "flash in the pan." I'm 58 and can't beat anyone but love riding, do at least 30 miles a day, and avoid McDonalds like rabies.

How old was Lance when he won the last Tour?

Keep riding. Your cardiologist might complain 'cause your heart won't give you much trouble and overeating will never cause a problem. It's likely you'll die suddenly and without any pain when struck by an 18 year old, cell phone chomping, twittering teen driving their older brother's jacked up 4x4 in the bicycle lane at 60 mph in a 25 mph zone . . . and when your cold, lifeless, 98 year old carcass is scrapped off the hood and tires the reviewing officer will write a ticket to the driver for "Failure to Yield" - which currently carries a $100 fine in California.

Cool :)

Larry and Heather said...

Maybe they ought to have an old-geezer racing series? It works in golf with the Senior Tour, or whatever they call it! Those guys have way more personality than most of today's pro cyclists.