Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Veterinary prof hit in No. Colorado: A warning....

This piece talks about a professor from Colorado State University who was hit by a driver as she turned onto the road he was riding.

Here's my take: Because lane discipline is as dead as Elvis, drivers start their left turns early, steer across the oncoming lane and into the intersecting road ON THE WRONG SIDE. If you happen to be coming to a stop in that intersecting road, they will take you out.

That's how my neighbor took me out in Tucson, a half block from Tamar's and my house. The crash totaled my lovely Kawasaki. She was in a hurry, she said.

Had I hugged the curb, the left side of her car would have missed me, but I was in the middle of my lane. If I'd been on my bicycle, I feel sure she'd have hit me and knocked me down just the same.

I sense that this post needs a moral or a conclusion, but I'm fresh out. Let's be careful out there.

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